From our Consumers, Volunteers and Families:

“My mother lives in Westwood and has been getting Meals on Wheels for about a year. She likes the food, and getting deliveries means that she has to shop less and cook less, which gives me some peace of mind. After the pandemic closed everything down, and as social contact became more and more restricted, I just assumed that eventually the Meals on Wheels volunteers would stop delivering, too. Recently I finally realized that that isn’t happening. Meals on Wheels is still coming! Less shopping right now really makes a difference for people like my mother, and it helps her to keep living independently and safely. Thank you so much for continuing this service during a time of crisis! I am so impressed and grateful. I just want everyone to know how grateful I am for Meals on Wheels services in general, and especially now, during this pandemic.”

May 2020

Susan S.
I’ve been volunteering delivering Meals on Wheels just 3 weeks now and am finding it very rewarding, particularly in these difficult times. All of my consumers are saying, “Thank you! You all are doing a great job”. Thanks HESSCO!

May 2020

Leslie R.
“My experience with HESSCO SHINE in the Norwood office could not have been better! The professionalism and experience of Carole was outstanding. I have to say it was by far the best experience I have had with any organization. I was immediately stuck by Carole’s appointment reminder calls giving me detailed instructions on where to go and what to bring. Once there we covered the general broad strokes I needed to know about Medicare. Then she helped walk me through the process of sign-up and personalized selection of insurance. In two meetings she answered all my questions. No small feat! I actually can’t believe this organization gives as much individualized attention as they do. I would recommend before even starting to think about Medicare to make an appointment with SHINE first. ”

June 2020

Steve Q.
” I am helping a disabled relative with their health insurance (they recently became eligible for Medicare after being on MassHealth). I was confused and anxious about helping them make the right choices and felt quite overwhelmed by all the information sent to him. I found the SHINE number online and called. Happily for me, I was connected with Lisa. She was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. She told me to check out the possibility of Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare and call her back the following week to discuss which program made the most sense for my relative. I reconnected and as in the first phone call, she was extremely helpful. Her instructions were clear and absolutely accurate. Everything has happened just as she told me it would. I feel quite certain that she helped me find the appropriate insurance for my relative and that all is in order. That was a great relief to me and I honestly don’t think I would have easily worked my way through the information without her help. I certainly would have been way more stressed without her guidance.”

August 2020

“HESSCO has been providing services for my brother for a while. Recently, when they went to his home, there was no answer at the door, even after a few attempts. HESSCO called me and I explained that I was unsure if my brother was home and I was very concerned there was something wrong. I then alerted the police who responded and found my brother unresponsive. He needed immediate medical care at the hospital. The wellness check made all the difference, these actions saved my brother’s life. HESSCO is wonderful. I don’t know what seniors would do without you! I am glad you are there for us.”

March 2021