Information | Referral

Information and Referral Program supports elders and their families, as well as persons who are disabled, by answering questions and connecting callers to appropriate services to meet their needs. The Information and Referral Specialist actively listens to each caller’s concerns and responds, advocates and matches the resources to each individual call or will research the issue and response in a timely manner.

Call (781) 784-4944 or (800) 462-5221 to speak to a specialist today!

Cost of service to client

Free to everyone, regardless of age or income level.

About Information and Referral Services

Calls to HESSCO’s main number are transferred to Information and Referral, where a specialist talks with the caller and assesses the needs of the elder, person who is disabled or caregiver concerned. The Information and Referral Specialist has access to an extensive network of experienced professionals to help answer questions and a large database of area resources to aid in referrals.

The Information and Referral Program allows callers to receive simple, understandable answers to aging-related questions. Because the program specialist discusses their specific situation with them, each caller receives information tailored to their specific needs. All discussions are confidential.