Money Management

The Money Management Program is collaboratively sponsored by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Mass Home Care and AARP Massachusetts.

Our free programs primarily assist low-income individuals aged 60 or over living in one of the 12 towns served by HESSCO, who have difficulty paying their bills on time or managing their money and have no family or friends to help them.

The Money Management Program recruits, trains and supervises volunteers to serve as Bill Payers and Representative Payees, matching them carefully with consumers in need. Most of these consumers have difficulty paying their bills due to poor eyesight or paralysis, feeling overwhelmed by the process, or were dependent on a spouse or relative who has passed away.

Bill Payer Program

. . . provides valuable one-on-one money management services to low-income consumers who need assistance with their financial affairs. These services include organizing bills, writing checks for payment, balancing checkbooks, reviewing bank statements, and developing a budget. The consumer signs all checks and has full control over how his or her money is spent.

Cost to Consumer

These services are offered free of charge to individuals who qualify. Eligibility is based on age (must be 60 or older, or under 60 and disabled), asset limitations, and income guidelines.