Man walking woman in weheelchair

A stroke had left Mrs. Arroyo paralyzed on her left side, needing to use a wheelchair, and with limited mobility. She had improved sufficiently to be released from a nursing home into her daughter Maria’s care. While she was happy to have her mother back at home, Maria worked full-time and would not be available to assist her during the day.

Information and Referral received a call about Mrs. Arroyo only a few days before she was released from the nursing home. The nursing home’s social worker had arranged for a visiting nurse, physical therapist, and home health aide to visit Mrs. Arroyo in her home, but funds for those visits would end after a few weeks. Mrs. Arroyo would still need personal care after the visits ended, but she and her daughter were not sure where to turn.

The Information and Referral Specialist arranged to have hot meals delivered to Mrs. Arroyo at home, starting immediately upon her return. The specialist answered questions about the types of services available, many of which Maria and her mother had not been aware existed. The Information and Referral Specialist then arranged for an intake and assessment specialist to visit Mrs. Arroyo and Maria to speak with them about providing services that would help Mrs. Arroyo stay at home. This mix of immediate information and rapid referrals made Mrs. Arroyo’s homecoming smooth and relieved Maria of worry.