Money ManagementMrs. Frene had lived a stable, middle-class life, working and raising a family in a quiet suburb. After her husband died, Mrs. Frene suffered a stroke that left her partially disabled, with impaired vision. At 74, she found herself increasingly isolated and disoriented. Without even realizing it, Mrs. Frene fell behind in her rent and utility bills. She would cash her Social Security check and forget where she stashed the money. She felt nervous and overwhelmed.

Mrs. Frene’s neighbor recommended her to HESSCO’s Money Management Program. Now she is visited regularly by a volunteer Bill Payer who prepares a monthly budget with her and helps her track where her money is going. He helps her write checks and pay bills, and she enjoys their conversations. This little bit of help has made Mrs. Frene feel in control of her finances, giving her something she hadn’t had in quite a while: peace of mind.