Protective ServicesMrs. Trey called HESSCO after her husband’s primary care physician suggested she contact us for a home care evaluation. Mr. Trey is 69 years old and has been diagnosed with mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease. The couple has three children – ages 16, 12 and 9.

The intake worker sensed the anxiety and distress Mrs. Trey was experiencing and asked if she would also like to speak to HESSCO’s Family Caregiver Specialist. Mrs. Trey spoke at length with the Family Caregiver Specialist, who then scheduled an appointment in two days for a home visit.

During the home visit, Mr. and Mrs. Trey agreed that Adult Day Health would be an excellent program for Mr. Trey, as he needed and wanted socialization and cognitive stimulation. Through the respite program Mr. Trey was able to begin going to Adult Day Health the following week for two days each week. The Caregiver Specialist worked with the family to secure Mr. Trey accessible public transportation to Adult Day Health, and to get Mr. Trey approved for MassHealth, which enabled him to attend Adult Day Health five days each week.

The Caregiver Specialist also found support for the family members as they cared for Mr. Trey. She located an Alzheimer’s support group for children, provided informational material for Mrs. Trey and the children, and arranged for a Safe Return bracelet for Mr. Trey. The Caregiver Specialist also arranged for an Alzheimer’s Habilitation Specialist to work with Mrs. Trey and the children in the home, which helped Mr. Trey’s family understand the disease process better and learn techniques for dealing with behavioral problems.

This family still faces many caregiving challenges, but Mrs. Trey feels more prepared for them. She knows that she can always count on HESSCO’s Family Caregiver Program to give her the assistance, direction and support to address her husband’s and family’s needs-without neglecting her own.