National Healthcare Decisions Month exists to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning. For everyone.

Honoring Choices of Massachusetts’ Who’s Your Agent?® Program makes it easy to create and update your health care plan. One simple question- “Who’s Your Agent?” can open the door to early and meaningful health care planning discussions to get good care all through your life. Download Getting Started Tool Kit This do-it-yourself tool kit helps you to:

1. Choose a trusted person to be your Health Care Agent (Agent). Appoint your Agent in a Health Care Proxy. * Not sure who to choose yet? “No Agent – No Problem!” Just start with Step 2.

2. Talk with your family about your care choices. Write down your choices in a Personal Directive (Living Will);

3. Talk with your care providers to match care to your choices. Use the 5 Things to Talk About with Your Care Providers discussion guide to put your plan into action.