GATRA Helps “The Ride” Passengers in Canton, Walpole and Sharon Travel to Foxboro

Patriot Place in Foxborough is not only the home of the world famous New England Patriots, but is also the prime location of many top-notched medical services south of Boston.

Unfortunately, many people living in Sharon, Canton or Walpole, who rely on The Ride service to take them to medical appointments at Patriot Place, were told they could not get transportation to the neighboring town. Why? Because The Ride does not go to Patriots Place. Why Not? Because The Ride is operated by the MBTA and Patriot Place is located in the GATRA service area so only GATRA vehicles can go there.

All that changed in January when Joanne LaFerrara, GATRA’s Director of Customer Relations, applied for and received a Community Transit Grant from MassDOT. This grant funds a coordinated transportation effort with The Ride. Consumers who have been approved for services from The Ride but would like to travel to the medical facilities located in Foxboro now have that option.

If the approved consumer resides in Canton, Walpole or Sharon, GATRA vehicles can travel to pick them up and transport them to Foxboro. If the consumer lives outside of those communities but would still like to make a medical appointment in Foxboro, GATRA and The Ride operator will work together and do everything they can to make it happen.

For additional information please call Joanne LaFerrara at 508-823-8828, ext. 275.